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The BIGFOOT spectrometer by MONSTR Sense Technologies is a multi-functional tool for state-of-the-art microscopy measurements. We combine the most advanced ultrafast measurements of vibrational and electronic sample properties into a single device: transient absorption, coherent Raman, and multidimensional spectroscopies. The spectrometer will also perform linear absorption spectroscopy to accompany the more advanced methods. Our spectrometer is very easy to use with a one-time alignment of a laser into the device and intuitive LabVIEW based software.

Many spectroscopic techniques

Research is never easy, but your equipment should not limit you. Get the most out of your sample with the best resonant and non-resonant ultrafast spectroscopy techniques. One BIGFOOT collinear spectrometer is capable of all of the following:

Transient absorption (TAS)

Our transient absorption spectrometer is the only fully-collinear technique capable of resonant pumping. Measure ultrafast dynamics of resonantly excited transitions without convolving or dephasing the dynamics you care about with non-resonantly excited states.

Coherent Raman Spectroscopy (CRS)

Also called impulsed stimulated Raman (ISRS), the MONSTR Sense spectrometer is capable of measuring both ground and excited state vibrational resonances. Coherent Raman spectroscopy enhances Raman signals by up to nine orders of magnitude, and so our spectrometer is a great tool for rapid measurement of dense samples. This is a great tool for label-free imaging of biological samples.

MDCS pulse sequence

Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy (MDCS)

MDCS is the spectroscopy for completely measuring the third order nonlinear optical response of a material. The BIGFOOT collinear spectrometer was originally developed for MDCS, and it allows you to use a variety of pulse sequences to completely characterize inhomogeneous samples and coupling. Check out our Photonics Spectra article for an overview.

Software controlled

Not only can one device perform multiple spectroscopies, we have designed this instrument so that all aspects of every experiment are software controlled. Parameters are calculated in the computer controller, and most of the signal processing is performed by our carefully designed electronic system.

  • Center wavelength: our electronics will generate reference scan parameters optimized for the center laser frequency. This is done on-the-fly, so this feature is great for frequency sample changing and tunable lasers.
  • Optical bandwidth: There is a trade-off between optical bandwidth and how quickly the delay stage can be moved. Our software knows this trade-off and will set the optimal scan parameters for your bandwidth to save you time.
  • Optical resolution: There is a trade-off between scan duration and resolution. The MONSTR Sense spectrometer is capable of measuring your samples with very high (0.01 pm) resolution. But if you don’t need that resolution for some measurements, the can be changed anytime to save you time.
  • Delay range and resolution: Whether you want to measure a decay time or frequency resolve vibrational states, the software will determine the right parameters for your system. Software is also capable of linear or random sampling.

Additional features

Aligned by design

Our double-pass design is very robust, and our baseplate and mounts are custom machined so that our spectrometers do not require alignment.


No calibration needed

Because all measurements are made with respect to an ultrastable Nd:YAG laser as a reference, these spectrometers NEVER require calibration.


Passively stable to vibrations

We bring the passive stability of IR interferometry and spectroscopy to visible wavelengths by our patent pending referencing technique.

Multi-functional Spectrometer Specifications

Specification Standard System Upgrade Options
Wavelength range 450-980 nm 350-500 nm, 950-1300 nm
Optical bandwidth >60 nm >200 nm*
Resolution 0.02 nm down to 0.005 nm
Delay range 330 ps up to 3.3 ns
Delay step size 0.3 fs 0.3 fs
Supported laser rep rate 50 kHz – 100 GHz Contact us
Interferometric precision 0.1 fs 0.1 fs
Dimensions 12 × 24 in (30 × 60 cm) up to 18 × 24 in (45 × 60 cm)
* We encourage purchasing our low dispersion upgrade and possibly a  dispersion compensation system for extremely broad bandwidths.

About MONSTR Sense

We offer compact and collinear all-in-one spectroscopy systems for transient absorption (pump-probe), stimulated Raman, and multidimensional spectroscopies. We invite you to learn more about the techniques’ capabilities and check out our products.

For more information or to get a quote, reach out to us at or send us a message on our contact page.