MONSTR Sense Technologies develops optical measurement tools for analyzing mixtures and measuring ultrafast dynamics at the nanoscale.

We offer the only commercial resonant transient absorption spectroscopy that is capable of being coupled into a microscope. Our flagship product is a multi-functional collinear (single-beam) spectrometer that can be used with just about any ultrafast laser and can also be coupled into a microscope. This spectrometer is useful for measuring gas phase and solid state systems; it also has a unique prowess in discerning optical features in spectra that would generally be washed out by spectral inhomogeneity.

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Coherent spectroscopy is useful for label-free chemical identification and measuring disordered systems. Explore how our technology can be used to measure semiconductors, molecules, and bacteria.

About Us

MONSTR Sense Technologies, LLC is a manufacturing company spun out of the University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office. We develop ultrafast spectrometers and microscopes for semiconductor research and development. Our technology is also used for chemistry and biology research.
Founded by inventors Prof. Steve Cundiff and Dr, Eric Martin, our technologies couple optics and RF electronics to measure optical signals with interferometric precision in a robust way. With a strong background in optical measurements of semiconductors and using frequency-comb technology, MONSTR Sense was developed to enable industrial and scientific applications of the most advanced spectroscopy and microscopy techniques.

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