MONSTR Sense Technologies, LLCAnn Arbor, MI

MONSTR Sense Technologies is developing optical measurement tools for analyzing mixtures and measuring ultrafast dynamics at the nanoscale.

We are building the only commercial resonant transient absorption spectroscopy that is capable of being coupled into a microscope. Our flagship product is a coherent multidimensional spectrometer that can be used with any ultrafast laser and can also be coupled into a microscope. This spectroscopy is useful for measuring gas phase and solid state systems; it has a unique prowess in discerning optical features in spectra that would generally be washed out by spectral inhomogeneity.

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We have found multidimensional and ultrafast spectroscopies very useful, and we think you will too. Explore how our technology can be used to measure semiconductors, molecules, and bacteria.

About Us

Our technologies couple optics and RF electronics to measure optical signals with interferometric precision in a robust way. Using frequency-comb techniques we have developed a single-laser multidimensional spectroscopy without optical gratings or calibration requirements.
The company is named after original JILA-MONSTR developed in Steve Cundiff's lab in 2009. Though a powerful device for spectroscopy, we have developed a new technique with equivalent or better capabilities and greater versatility. Our new technique creates a single beam that can be coupled with a microscope or directed at a distance.
In 2017 our team realized that technology we had been developing at the University of Michigan for science could be extended to a broader range of scientific fields, including biology and medicine, and to industry applications for quality control and chemical identification. We started MONSTR Sense technologies with the goal of improving the accessibility of multidimensional spectroscopy.

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